Easy Peasy Valentine’s Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is coming up this Saturday and if you don’t already know, it’s a day where women give chocolate (with the expectation of it being handmade) to their significant other as a gift, or as a means of confessing how they feel to their crush.  Some women also give chocolate out of politeness to their co-workers or male friends, called giri choco.

If you’re not much of a chef but would like to give this unique custom a try, here’s an easy way to make some handmade chocolate without a lot of fuss.

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Working in Japan: Getting Started as a Freelance Translator on oDesk

Thanks for sticking with me through this Working in Japan series!  I was wrote it as I was going through the job hunting process myself, during which I received a few hiring offers.  One of those was a great paying, part-time teaching position that I ended up going with so I’ll have time to pursue more translation work and help build my freelance translation portfolio from April onwards.

One of the ways I’ve been getting into freelance work is with the freelancer website, oDesk.  If you’re interested in translation or freelancing in other fields, I definitely recommend giving it a click.  The site itself is pretty thorough with its explanation on how to use and make money with it, but I’ll be addressing a few things that apply to freelance translation or my personal experience with the site.

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Working in Japan: After the Interview/Getting Hired

The interview is done, yay!  All you need to do is wait.  Or maybe you’ve just gotten notice that they want to hire you.  In that case, congratulations! :D

Here’s some pointers on how to wrap up the job application process.

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Working in Japan: The Interview

So you applied for the job and landed an interview!  Hurrah!

Here’s some handy info about how Japan often conducts interviews, as well some dos and don’ts to consider.  I think many of them are common sense, but a few are unique to Japanese interviews in particular.

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Working in Japan: Finding a Job in Japan

Hey all!    It’s a new year, which means new beginnings and the beginning of the Japanese hiring season!  As I’ve written before, I plan on leaving my current company for something more flexible and less hectic.  So while I’m on the hunt for a new job or string of part-time jobs, I figured why not make it into a series that way someone else might also benefit from the experience.

This first post in the series focuses on where many of us find ourselves at in the very beginning-  trying to get hired from abroad or within Japan.

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Traveling: Missing My Flight

If you’ve been traveling for as long as I have, you’re bound to eventually experience that one flying disaster from hell.  (And if for some reason you never do, I envy you ;) )  Mine came as I was coming home to Japan, on an American Airlines flight from Dallas (DFW) that got re-routed from Chicago (ORD) to Los Angeles (LAX).

Long story short, there were some maintenance delays with the aircraft that caused me to miss my connecting flight in Los Angeles (LAX) to Narita (NRT).  Well technically I didn’t miss it and arrived at the gate 10 minutes before take-off, but they refused to board two other guys booked for the same flight as myself, probably because they had given our seats away to stand-by.  Irritating, but hey it happens.  Little did I know a shitstorm of bad customer service and excuses was next to come.

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